Walked into today’s session fairly excited about the “Total” workout, in which we would determine my maximum lifting weights.

We started out with a short “dynamic” warm-up, which included a jog back and forth across the gym, high knees back and forth across the gym, kick backs, bear crawl, skipping, Russian march, etc., by far the easiest warm-up, all designed to stretch me out.

Our workout consisted of three phases.  Finding my one-rep max on back squats, dead lifts, and strict press.  For each exercise we had 15 minutes.

Beginning with back squats, we started with just the bar, where I did five or six reps, then as the weight went up, slowly decreased the reps.  Between each set of weights we weighted 60 to 90 seconds.  Maximum weight was 215, though it took us close to 20 minutes to get to that weight.  This was pretty close to Chris’s prediction, as he figured I would be able to back squat my weight, dead lift about 1.5x my weight, and strict press half my weight.

The dead lift went a bit more quickly.  I finished up at 345, though with the last few weights I could feel as though I was using my back more than I should, which made 345 a great place to stop.  It took us about 15 minutes to work up to this one.

The strict press went much more quickly.  I started out with just the bar, then we slowly added weights up to 115.  I took a shot at 120, but the bar just refused to make it all the way up, so I dropped it and we called today a success.

Total Workout Score: 215+345+115 = 675.  It’ll be interesting to see how this changes in the coming months!  At the end of this workout, Chris explained that I had graduated from the OnRamp program, and was now eligible to join the regular Crossfit workouts.  This is good news, but also a bit scary… time will tell!