So it’s been a few months, and I still miss my dog, but things are getting back to normal.  So much so, in fact, that a week ago we picked up our new family addition, a GoldenDoodle our 4-year-old has named “Casper.”  Not sure I was completely ready yet, but I think kids need a dog, and the two little ones are doing a great job of taking care of him so far.  Each day after school they go out back and run and play with the dog, the six-year-old will take him out to go potty, and they’re doing pretty well at helping with the things we ask them.  We’ll see how things go when I show them how to clean up the yard.  Might be a little pushback there.  🙂

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 10.42.44 AM

And so far, all things considered, the pup is doing well.  Has a penchant for getting messy and then hopping on furniture, but that’s part of being a puppy.

Anyhow, woke up early the other day and thought I’d mess around on my iPad for awhile when I couldn’t get back to sleep.  No masterpiece by any stretch, but it made me smile (though it’s mighty hard to draw a dog and make it look like it’s smiling, at least with my very meager skills.)  Make it a great day!