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  1. I’ve been teaching AP Physics B and C for many years with decent scores. This May my AP1 kids did HORRIBLE. Two kids out of 62 passed. I bought your AP1 book and plan to use it as a bible or guide. I might even purchase a class set. Question: What amendments would you like to make since May?

    1. Good Morning David,
      I’m not planning on making any amendments to the AP1 book, but that’s because the AP1 book isn’t intended as a complete guide to the passing the AP1 exam — instead, it’s designed to provide students the fundamentals (essentials) they’ll need to start building up their problem solving skills. Much of AP1 is designed around deeper understanding, applying multiple concepts to a problem, reading, writing, experimental design — all of which I don’t feel is easily learned from a book.
      Instead, my AP-1 book is designed to assist in the course the way I would teach the course. Having students watch the tutorial videos and/or read short sections of the book at night to get down the basics, leaving more time in class for lots of hands-on activities such as guided inquiry labs, small group problem solving, white boarding, discussions, debates, and TONS of practice.
      The short version is that my AP-1 book is designed to describe all the CONTENT kids need for the AP-1 exam in a straightforward matter, but for students to score well, they’ll want to do lots more work outside the book. It’s almost like a flipped-class version of the course (but with a book instead of videos), where the whole point is to give you more class time to focus on building up those specialized skills needed for the AP-1 exam.
      Make it a great day!


  2. Hello Mr. Fullerton,
    I’m an IB Diploma Candidate and I was struggling with IB Physics Year One, which at my school is a mix between AP 1 and IB Year One even though year two will be pure IB, until I found your youtube channel two days ago. I immediately ordered your AP1 book because I really like the way you explain the concepts and my question is whether or not you would consider making a video series about IB Year Two topics? I’ve heard that AP Physics 2 and IB Physics Year Two aren’t very similar so that’s why you would need a seperate series about IB material. Since more schools are adopting the IB program and there aren’t many resources available for it, I think there would be a market for the videos, especially because of how easy they are to understand thanks to your teaching style.

    1. Hi Maas,
      Thanks for the kind words, and I’m thrilled to hear the APlusPhysics materials are helping you out. I would love to add the creation of IB resources to my “to-do” list, and will do so, but unfortunately it’s a pretty long “to-do” list at the moment. Current focus is on finishing a guide book for AP Physics C (and most any calculus-based mechanics course), but I have some friends who teach IB physics — may have to talk to them and learn a bit more about the differences and see what we can come up with. Thanks for the idea!

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